The story of Contant Snowblowers dates back to the 1940s when Gaston Contant founded his family business making deliveries for local farmers. The rural farming communities near Montreal presented Gaston with a serious problem - heavy snowfall blocked country roads and driveways for days on end. Undeterred, Gaston acquired snow removal equipment and began to offer his services throughout the area.

As the Montreal region grew, and traffic volumes increased in his once rural area, a need emerged to quickly move large volumes of snow to regional snow management repositories (snow dumps). This required machines capable of efficiently moving large mounds of dense icy snow into trucks for transportation to the dump. At the dump, even larger machines were required to manage incoming material quickly. In 1990, Clement Contant created a division within Contant Inc. to meet this need for realiable high volume snow removal equipment.

Building on the skills and knowledge gained from their years of experience in the aviation industry, the Contant family has grown to become a leading supplier of quality high volume snow removal equipment throughout North America


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